We aim to be a team that maximizes individual strengths,
embracing diverse knowledge, experiences, and personalities.

Keiko Koda

Founder & CEOKeiko Koda

Born in Osaka, Japan.Studied at Florida Atlantic University, graduated from Kansai Gaidai University with a degree in English and American Studies. Joined the Japan Environmental Corporation in 1998, handling executive secretary and international cooperation duties. Moved to Nifty Corporation in 2000, overseeing marketing, public relations, and Investor Relations. Joined ngi group Corporation in 2007 as Director of Public Relations and Investor Relations. Founded AsMama Corporation in November 2009, serving as CEO. Since January 2016, I have been a board member of the Sharing Economy Association and appointed as a committee member for various government ministries.

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Shinya Sakakibara

Chief of Community Creation Division


Yuko Shingaki

Chief of Community Creation and Development Division


渋口 由紀

Project Manager of Platform Division


Board Members

田中 慎也

Board, General Manager of Business Division and General Manager of Administration Division


Shunsuke Hattori




Yoshitaka Tabuchi

Business Advisor


Hayato Setsu

Creative Advisor


Yusaku Matsuda

Tech. Advisor



Our company is an organization with a board of directors, and we strive to enhance governance and compliance by collaborating with external advisors and experts.


OUR POLICY (Guidelines)

  1. Thorough commitment to safety and security.
  2. Cherishing communication that conveys compassion and sincerity.
  3. Avoiding actions that one cannot be proud of.
  4. Refraining from contemplating reasons why something cannot be done; instead, focusing on how it can be achieved.
  5. Building enduring Win-Win-Win relationships with all stakeholders.
  6. For oneself, for the family, for the community, for society, for the future.
  7. Recognizing that each individual is a representative stakeholder of AsMama, working together for colleagues.
  8. Taking on tasks with a sense of responsibility and mission, actively and proactively, giving one's all.
  9. Thorough pursuit of efficiency, effectiveness, and results for the coexistence of mutual assistance and business growth.

Greetings from the Founder & CEO

As the founder of AsMama in 2009, my journey began when my daughter was four years old. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, my life was marked by ambitious career aspirations, grappling to balance work and parenting. In reality, it felt like walking a tightrope.

One day, circumstances led me to resign from my job, prompting deep reflections on my way of life and my existence as a person. It became evident that creating a society where each individual can freely pursue their aspirations requires a supportive framework for overcoming challenges.

While I personally find it challenging to rely on others, the staggering statistics indicating that one in three Japanese children experiences loneliness, and self-esteem is significantly lower compared to other countries, were eye-opening. Witnessing how adults in our society often bear burdens silently, endure, or give up without seeking help, I believed this behavior was reflected in the statistics concerning our children.

Given my hobby and skill in devising businesses to make societal inconveniences more convenient, I embarked on this entrepreneurial journey with the vision of creating a social infrastructure where people can depend on each other. In the aging society of Japan, supporting dual-income families collectively to alleviate parenting anxieties and loneliness, fostering an environment where children can learn social and diverse skills, is essential for the future.

Moreover, in an era of information overload, I believe it is crucial to enable individuals to see, hear, confirm, and choose trustworthy people, information, products, and companies with their own eyes. That's why AsMama is dedicated to creating mechanisms and frameworks for "encounters," "connections," and "mutual support" throughout Japan and in the other countries as well.

Through our business, we always aim for a harmonious blend of solving societal challenges and creating economic value. I eagerly look forward to the exciting encounters with individuals, businesses, local governments, and more who share our vision and join us in driving this mission forward.

Keiko Koda
Founder & CEO
AsMama Corporation


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